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Contact/Plot/HMD Post

My AIM is vanityremix, but my time signed into aim can be pretty sporadic. This post is for anyone that needs to drop me a line for whatever reason, whether it's to say hey or to cook up some CR. :) You can also catch me over here! on plurk.

This will also serve as a HMD post, for any of your concerns with how I portray Jade.

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ring ring

Hello? :D
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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Jade Harley
Journal: [ profile] frogst
RPG: [ profile] mayfield_rpg

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character name; Jade Harley
character's canon; Homestuck
timeline; Just before dying
homestuck text permissions; go here!

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[ phone ; fail filtered from dave, davesprite & rose ]

Hi, Mayfield! [ Jade is sounding chipper today, although not quite the level of her usual cheer. She's still recovering from radiationfield, it took a lot out of her. ] Guess who is fourteen today?

Did you guess me?

Hehe, but more importantly than that, my friends Dave and Rose and Dave all have their birthdays coming up soon, too! Tomorrow and the day after. I think since I am now the oldest and the most adult-like, it is up to me to make sure they have the best birthday ever! I thought a birthday party would be really fun, but I have never been to one before, and definitely never hosted one.

If there are any birthday party experts out there, I could really use your help!
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[ highway ; early morning ; open ]

[ As far as awakenings go, this one is definitely ranks up there for most unpleasant. If the sound of trucks rumbling by weren't enough, the dull pain from the previous day has turned intense. She's quiet, temporarily uninterested by investigation by looking for somewhere to hind, finding a little hole in some nearby rubble to crawl into. The crawling is far more literal than she would like, and when she pulls up the legs of her pants she can see quite clearly why that is.

The swelling has increased significantly, her legs looking some horrible mess of black and purple. She pokes at them, like the two dead things they are, and barely feels it. ]

Oh no...

[ streets ; evening ; closed ]

[ She's not even sure how she's made it this long, or this far. Her legs barely work, and it takes everything she has to keep moving, to get from hiding place to hiding place. She's breathing heavily, and it seems like she won't be making it to her next one. All she can do is hold her breath and hope those things don't notice her. Maybe she'll get lucky. Maybe. ]
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[ action ; around mayfield ]

[ Gone. Everyone's gone. She's found little notes here and there, snippets that sound almost like parts of conversation, but they're all gone. Empty bedrooms, empty streets, empty everything. Maybe she should be happy. After everything they've all been through, they deserve this. They should be able to go home, to escape from her. If she has to stay here so everyone else can be safe, that should be okay.

But she doesn't want to be alone.

She's been wandering the streets of Mayfield for what feels like years, searching for someone, anyone. Even a drone would be a welcome sight. She might brush past you, bump into you without even realizing it, sniffling and peering into empty storefronts, down empty alleys.

Anyone. Just one person, just so she doesn't have to be all alone. Anyone. ]


[ phone ]

[ Jade's voice is barely a whisper, and she very obviously sounds frightened. This is worse than anything she can imagine, scarier than dying. ]

Hello? I- if there's anyone still here, anyone at all, then please- [ She hiccups, goes quiet for a minute. ] I don't want to be alone, not like this, please.
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[ action ; 1338 benny ; morning ]

[ so the previous day you likely noticed that Jade was a happy, cheerful drone! fortunately, today she is back to her normal self, up bright and early and just a little confused, all things considered. but for now, she's settled herself down at the breakfast table, humming and working at a bowl of cereal.

everything seems pretty normal, save for the pair of dog ears she's now sporting. ]

[ phone ]

Hi Mayfield, it's Jade! [ wow she sounds super excited! breeeeathe! ] I have so much to tell you!

I went home! I'm not really sure how, or if that kind of thing happens a lot but I went home and I don't think I remembered being here or what but it's really weird! I'm also not sure why I'm back but I guess I'm kind of glad because now I can tell everyone-- or maybe I'm not supposed to say anything! Does anyone know anything about that, I mean, I don't want to spoil anything for my friends who don't know what's going to happen.

Timelines are getting kind of difficult to keep track of, maybe I should make a list.

Anyway, does this going home thing happen a lot? Because I keep getting pulled out at kind of inconvenient times!

[ action ; around mayfield ]

[ Jade is quite active around Mayfield today, once again having donned her girl scouts uniform, but without the wagon of cookies in tow. She's chopped some holes into her hat to accommodate her newly regained ears, and is approaching just about everyone, be they girl or otherwise, with the intention of recruitment. ]

Hi, did you know that you look like you would make an excellent girl scout?
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[ action ]

[ So Mayfield you are probably tired of all these vampires walking around, stalking you, trying to carry you off, it's understandable.

But this sure is one cute albeit inappropriately undead vampire girl that is currently (and very blatantly) shadowing you.

She might not be able to pick you up but dang she sure is trying!! ]
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[ afternoon ; around mayfield ]

[ Jade doesn't look any different today, but since leaving for school this morning she has certainly been acting different. She's not looking where she's going right now (she wouldn't be knocking into people on purpose, right?) when she bumps--quite literally--into you. ]

Wow, you sure are clumsy!

[ early evening ; outside 1338 Benny ]

[ If you've been paying attention today, seeing two of the same person around shouldn't surprise you all that much. One Jade is dragging the other by the collar, and the other is putting up quite a fuss about it, sobbing and struggling. ]

Oh my gosh, will you shut up already!? Why do other mes always cry so much?
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[ You probably can't solve all of life's problems by covering Mayfield with fliers, and it went pretty terribly the last time she tried something like this, but that is not about stop her. She is determined to find Tavros a girlfriend. Or boyfriend. Or just a date, really. Any date.

So these have been plastered up around the school, and any place she thinks eligible bachelors and bacholerettes might be hanging out. What could possibly go wrong.......... ]

[ ooc; feel free to pop in on her while she's hanging them up, otherwise give her a call if you are interested in this hunky piece of troll. ]
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[ morning ; 1338 benny road ]

[ Jade can't help but feel something is wrong this morning when she wakes up. She feels like she's missed something, almost like she's been asleep for a long time. She stumbles out of bed, feeling a little fuzzy, noticing the changes to her room. The window's been repaired, there's a backpack that she didn't have before with half finished homework on the desk. She doesn't really start to feel concerned until she looks at the calendar on her wall, which has been flipped over to October.

That can't be right.

She grabs it from the wall, bursts out into the hallway still in her nightgown and clutching it to her chest. ]

Karkat? Gamzee?

[ phone ]

Hi Mayfield! Long time no talk! Or maybe we did talk, but it wasn't me me, it was creepy drone me. I'm not really sure what happened, I can't remember anything since, hmmm, a couple weeks ago, I think, after the zombies. I don't remember going home, or being here, nothing! It's kind of scary, but I'm glad that I was a normal creepy drone and not a murderous creepy drone. I really hope that doesn't happen to me again. Have you ever had something like that happen to you? Not even just droning but, I don't know, something reeeeally creepy where you almost... don't exist. It's kind of scary.

Oh, and apparently I'm a girl scout now, hehe.

[ afternoon ; your front door ]

[ There is some pretty persistent knocking at your front door right now. If and when you get around to answering it, you will find Jade on your doorstep, wagon stacked high with boxes of cookies behind her. She is looking particularly adorable right now, all dressed up in a girl scout's uniform. ]

Hi!! Do you like cookies?

[ phone; fail filter to eridan ]

Eridan? Hi, um... how are you?
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[ around mayfield ; sunday afternoon ]

[ If you leave your home Sunday afternoon, chances are you have seen one of these fliers stuck up somewhere. Telephone poles, mailboxes, windshields, store windows, no location is safe from Jade and her roll of scotch tape.

She has even plastered some unconventional locations with fliers, shoved them into books at the library, taped them to tables and shoved them under doors and into mailboxes so that you might not even have to leave your home to see it.

Chances are you see her while she's hanging some up, or she might even be passing you one (or more) while asking; ]

Have you seen this troll?

[ phone ]

Hi, I was just checking to see if anyone had any information about my fliers!

I am serious about that reward too. [ She giggles. ] But that's a secret!
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Hello everyone! I don't know if I should introduce myself everytime I make a call, but just in case, this is Jade!

I actually have kind of, um, a question. That I was hoping someone with some [ a loooong pause ] experience in things like kissing and dating could answer.

It's not really related to anything, but I was wondering, if you kiss someone does that mean you are dating them? What if you like them, but you're not really sure if you like them? And say for example it was after a really long day filled with a lot of weird [ there's something muttered here, indistinguishable but sounding very oddly like "and some homicidal". that couldn't possibly be what she said, right? ] emotions, does that matter?

Oh, and one last question: would you count your first kiss as the first person you ever kissed, or the first person you ever kissed who was also alive?

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[ phone ]

[ Jade places this call only a few minutes after drinking the morning's milk delivery. She sounds exactly like she feels: shitty. ]

Um, hi, Mayfield. I know things have been pretty bad recently, but I hope everyone's doing okay. I'm sorry I haven't been checking in on anyone!

[ Any cheeriness she had fostering fades as she continues. ]

With the way death is in this place, I guess I shouldn't be scared of it, but I still sort of am. Especially when I've already done it once. Hehe, um, at least this time I don't think it's going to hurt so badly.

So I guess I'll be able to talk to everyone tomorrow! I wonder if my police chief application had been better, maybe this wouldn't have happened. ...oh well.

Stay safe everyone! Bye.
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[ phone ]

Hi everyone!! It's Jade again!

I saw all the posters that said Mayfield is looking for a new police chief, and it sounds like an interesting job, so I applied! My only problem is that I only have oooone letter of recommendation, and I need three. Does anyone think maybe they could write one for me? I would really appreciate it!

Also apparently you need three hundred dollars to apply, and I'm not going to just ask for that, but I am going to be selling lemonade to fundraise for it! So I'm setting up shop outisde my house today if you wanna stop by. Thank you very much!!

[ action ]

[ And Jade has indeed set up an adorable little lemonade stand outside of her home, decorated in lots of drawings of herself in a police uniform, smiling and standing with various citizens of Mayfield. She has also scrawled vote for jade harley for chief of police! at the bottom of her sign.

A jar sitting on her table has a sign taped to it proclaiming that donations are very welcome. Whenever you pass by, she'll be flagging you down. ]